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Custom Blend - Bacuri Butter Facial Cream
Custom Blend - Bacuri Butter Facial Cream


Custom Blend - Bacuri Butter Facial Cream

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Bacuri Butter Facial Cream

(The ultimate way to take care of your face!)

Ingredients:  Organic Bacuri Butter(Amazon Rainforest), Organic Shea Butter, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Cocoa Butter. Vitamin E. 

Essential Oils: Rosemary (CO2 Extract), organic ylang ylang, frankincense. 

Benefits: Anti-aging, scar and blemish reducer, superior moisturizer, skin tightener, fades stretch marks, reducers wrinkles. 

Directions:  Apply one or two finger tip amounts to warm damp face nightly. Rinse off face in the morning. or evening after use. 

Message us for CUSTOM BLENDED option made just for You 


Warning:  This product contains an extensive mix of essential oils, test on a small patch of skin if irritation occurs, do not use the product. If at any time during product use, discontinue immediately.

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