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Spa Buffet™ - Weddings & Special Events

Why not be different and treat your guests or bridal party to the gift of luxury...

Spa Buffet™ is the perfect take-away gift for all of your guests or clients at any event or occasion.  Call or message us for a quote to make your next occasion a memorable one.  All products are 100% natural and organic.

The picture shows custom bridal suite spa buffet with massage oils, bath truffles, bath bomb, bath sand and custom blend massage oils.

Spa Buffet™ can also be the natural luxury for that special birthday, party, or a special date! 

Pricing: All weddings or special events purchase at our wholesale pricing plus a flat setup fee to customize and personalize your gifts. message us for more details and get a copy of our bridal lookbook. 

Remember we are a startup who is anal about customer service. But, we are a startup so bear with us as we grow, listen to our customers, WE LOVE FEEDBACK...ALL OF IT. 


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