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100% Organic Skin Products


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What is Boom-bah

Boom-bah Naturals makes all natural, handmade products for the bath, skin, and home. We host a full range of products to add all natural element to your quality of life. We feature products for men, women, and the little ones. 

Our raw materials are individually sourced from all over the world. We search for firms who can supply us with the best in grade essential oils all tested by the leading testing organizations worldwide.  

About Us

We Care about Fair Trade & The Environment

The Fair Trade movement is a social response to the conventional trading system by which many farmers and workers have been deprived or disparaged. Buying Fair Trade products is a more effective way of facilitating supportable development than traditional charitable donations and aid, as it allows better trading conditions and sustainable farming for workers and farmers in developing countries. A Fair Trade product, which includes agricultural products and crafts, is made in an environment wherein the producers are guaranteed better – fairer – prices, improved working conditions, and fair terms of trade so that the working and living environment of their communities will be supported in their development and protection. The standard for Fair Trade products is that they must not be produced through forced labor, child labor, or in conditions that are disadvantageous to workers, as they must feel empowered to develop businesses that are competitive and prosperous. The Fair Trade Certified™ label signifies that consumers are purchasing goods that are socially and environmentally responsible. 

ALL Boom-bah Products are HANDMADE! We have built a production model that allows for one or 10,000 orders to be made by hand. It would be more affordable if we went to machine production but machines cannot put LOVE into the product.  
Paying for Fair Trade products ensures that producers receive fair wages that reflect their efforts as well as the cost of sustaining production. It also contributes to the elimination of mistreatment and sweatshop labor. 

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